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Plumbing Industry Cartoon Contest

Illustration, Social Media


This was a fun project I did for the employees of America Valve. I drew a series of comics that related to the plumbing supply industry that were then posted to the companies Facebook page. Employees could then suggest wording for each cartoon. The winner and runner up received cash prizes.

A Cartoon illustration of the City of Harappa 2500 B.C. with two men invening plumbing
A cartoon of the R&D Department inventing a flying valve with artificial intelligence
A cartoon illustrating a bad return of product
An illustration of a Valve Company CEO failing to fix a leak
A cartoon illustrating a boy being groomed by his father to take over the family business

In a related project, I was asked to design a memo pad for American Valve that would be given out when needed. I thought a little humor would make the piece stand out, and hopefully get used.

A photo of some printed memo pads for American Valve with a cartoon
a memo pad with a light cartoon in the background

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